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What is A Disco Light?

A disco light is a light emitting device but can be programmed to flash on and off to provide a great vibe to any party along with the beat of the music. It comes with different colors turning any space into dance floor alive and ready for party! As the light flashes in different colors to light up the whole room, it rotates in different patterns, thereby giving an additional dynamic effect.

We have a great selection of disco lights that you can choose from based on your personal preference, and mood for the party that you’re planning for. The list includes but is not limited to the following: Home/Hall Party Light Show Disco Light, USB LED Disco Ball, USB Mini LED Disco Stage Light, Red/Green Laser Light, Mirror Ball, 48 LED Stage Light Strobe, and 70W RGBW LED Moving Head Stage Light.

Common Features of a Disco Light

A disco light is best used in a dark or dim area in order for the lights to illuminate the space more. While it can be essentially small, it can flash beams of lights at a wide range, filling up the dance floor setting the mood for a romantic evening or a fun party. Further, for a stress-free enjoyable event, our disco lights are sound-activated and can be programmed to change light patterns and effects with the rhythm of the music.

We have a variety of disco lights made available for you. Below is a quick and simple guide to help you decide which one best suit your preference—or you can buy them all!

Home/ Hall Party Light Show Disco Light. Designed for a bar DJ or large stage lighting, this disco light comes with DMX, DMX out. It is shaped like a snowball with light beam angle of 180 degrees. It comes with red, green, and blue lighting.

USB LED Disco Ball. This disco light has a base that can make a rotation of 360 degrees, is remote-controlled and powered using 5V USB.

USB Mini LED Disco Stage Light. Bring the party even in your car with this USB interfaced disco light! It is small enough to fill the mood in your car or any space where there is no electrical socket, as long as you have a power bank with you, any party cannot be stopped.

Red / Green Laser Light. Built with a fan in order to prevent overheating and function for a long time, this disco light that is made of laser lights is great for outdoors or extremely big venue. This comes with a tripod ideal for any height level.

Mirror Ball. Travel to the 80s and experience nostalgia with this disco light that comes with a disco ball perfect to reflect light. With a capability of being battery-operated, it can rotate at a maximum of 30 rpm.

48-LED Stage Light Strobe. Equipped with 48 LED beads, this disco light has a lifetime of 2000 hours! It mounts on a gimbal knob which is perfectly adjustable to any angle!

70W RGBW LED Moving Head Stage Light. Designed with lights that rotate at 180 degrees and 540 degrees, this disco light is also remote controlled! It is portable and comes with a built-in fan for heat dissipation.


Why Use A Disco Light? Here Are Reasons Why You Should

The drink, food, venue, and guests are all set for a wonderful time, but something seems missing. A venue is either too lit up or too dark for a great event. There seems to be too much awkwardness in the air. This is where the disco lights come in!

With perfectly designed built-in music and light coordination, having your own disco light will surely set the mood for any party! Be it for a romantic night with your loved one or an unforgettable jam with your friends, our disco lights got you covered!

With its versatility from one party to another, a lot of people coming from all ages are sure looking forward to having them available and handy all the time, whenever they feel like celebrating or partying the night away!

Not only is it convenient, but it is also state-of the art! You no longer get to manually stress on changing light bulbs to set a party aura. Now, you can just easily assemble your own disco light and let it light in sync while the music plays! With your very own disco light, you can host and enjoy the party while spending so much less, whenever, wherever!

Disco lights bring the spirit of the party at a whole new level! You are light beam away from having an unforgettable party!

Using a Disco Light

Installing a disco light is easy. Disco lights are mounted on their base, which comes with screws or tripod. Simply place the disco light on the desired area then place the screw inside the holes of the base. Tighten the screw to make sure it is stable.

For the electric source, there are three interfaces: AU plug, USB interface, and battery-dependent interface.

For the AU plug, simply insert the plug in a socket. For a USB interface, it is not compatible with an AU socket but rather in your car USB socket, laptop, phone or adapter. For a battery-dependent interface, simply acquire the required battery size. All these disco lights are powered with a switch button.

For further details, each disco light comes with instruction manual.

Cleaning and maintaining the disco light after using is by simply wiping the base and the whole cover. Make sure to place the disco light away from a water source as it is not water-resistant.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of  disco lights differs according to the type and number of pieces. It is important to note that when you invest for disco lights, it is like investing for a thousand and more parties as it can be used over and over again, for any occasion! The versatility and convenience of having a disco light in a party is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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